4 responses to “Guess Who is Now the Nosey Neighbor?”

  1. Paula

    Does Riley look like a little man, or is it my imagination? Look at how he’s standing and with this hands (knuckles, if you will) are up against the wall.

    Hey. In my family, they come that hairy. A bit darker, but equally as hairy.

    Riley is an amazing pup on so many levels.

    P.S. LOVE the logo pic!

  2. Aileen Sabira

    Cute ~ DEFINITELY cute!!!

  3. Jackie Dishner

    He’s pretty cute, and he has excellent posture, too!

  4. Deborah Brauser

    Cutest pic ever! I always say that my dog is watching out the window in case he needs to be pressed into service as a super hero to save the neighborhood. (But he’s really more of a Mrs. Kravitz. 🙂